About the Blog

I have several goals in creating this website. First, I want a repository where I can store my thoughts on various topics and can draw from for future reference. Second, as I increasingly rely more heavily on my analytical abilities and writing prowess for my livelihood, I intend this as an opportunity to hone these skills. Third, I want for these skills to be on display for potential employers, admissions directors, and professional contacts. Fourth, I hope these posts, in their own small way, may contribute to the learning and lives of my readers. Last, I hope by articulating my thoughts on theological matters I might better understand and express truths that will lead me and others into fuller worship of the triune God.

What can you expect to see on this website?

Academic Work – I have accumulated over the years a number of essays I consider well-written and researched, the kind that serve as writing samples on graduate applications. These are, however, much too long for publication in this context. My plan, then, is to provide a short abstract (>300 words) alongside a link leading to where the essay can be accessed in full.

Blog -I intend this website not only as a platform for my academic interests but also as an outlet through which I can explore ideas and experiences. Though this website’s tone will remain primarily professional, I want the freedom to express myself in a more personal tone, disclosing struggles, vulnerabilities, aspirations, and steps toward further intimacy with Christ. As such, I aim to publish short, nonacademic explorations on various topics, as well as attempts to develop my own theological views from reflections on scripture, neither of which will exceed 1,000 words in length.

Summaries & Reviews – Summarization and evaluation are critical skills in my field of study. As such, I plan for the majority of my entries to be reviews of some kind. These will include article summaries, chapter summaries, and book reviews, all of which will be no more than 1,000 – 1,500 words in length.

What will this website (mainly) be about?

Concerning content, you can expect to see close relation to my primary research interests. I may, however, post occasionally on other topics, whether just as an interest of mine or something related to a class I’m taking.

How often can you expect to see new posts?

Graduate school is hard, and I often have more pressing matters than to update my website. I have left a string of threadbare blogs on the internet over the years, blogs that started strong but were choked out by the cares of this world. Nevertheless, I feel optimistic about, and I cam committed to, this project. As such, I promise to publish 2 – 4 posts monthly, except under extraordinary or unexpected circumstances like vacation, illness, or finals.

To read more about me and my research interests, click here.

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