My name is Samuel Griffin. A Tulsan at heart, I’m learning to call Chicago home. Theology has become something of a passion of mine in recent years. Initially set on foreign missions to unreached people groups, I attended college at the missiocentric Southwestern Baptist Theology Seminary, single-mindedly hoping to prepare myself for the rigors of church planting and mission boards.

What I gained there, beyond mere training, was an education. My eyes were opened to the vast array of interesting and important conversations being had in the academy, to the battles over truth being fought, and to the eternally significant impact education can have on people’s lives. Through the teaching and friendship of exemplary professors, I fell in love with academic research, keenly aware of its importance and eager to contribute to the discussion.

After graduating from Southwestern in ’15 with a bachelor’s degree in humanities, I transitioned to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where I am now pursuing a master’s degree in systematic theology. Somehow, despite my exhausting bouts at the library and depressingly diminishing finances, I have come to see theological scholarship as my life’s purpose. After graduation, I intend to pursue further education in theology, hoping eventually to serve the church and missions through global theological education.

My primary research interests are in trinitarian theology, analytic theology, missiology, and aesthetics. In particular, I enjoy thinking and writing about such topics as social trinitarianism, theological hermeneutics, global theology, aesthetic realism, film, eschatological dimensions implicit within art objects, and something of what I’m calling a ‘trinitarian missiological eschatology.’

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